Academics at the Academy for Precision Learning


The Academy for Precision Learning believes that all children are equal members of the classroom. Every individual has something special to share with the class, school, and community. Because of this belief, we strive to create a challenging and respectful environment for all students to learn and grow, including those across the autism spectrum and their typically developing peers.

Our unique inclusion model offers students the least restrictive environment with the greatest amount of support, where students can access high quality academics, enrichment opportunities, and social-emotional skills development in a welcoming environment that embraces the character and experience of each individual.

With small class sizes, a low student-to-teacher ratio, and research-based, embedded interventions and supports, APL applies data-informed practices to help each student achieve their greatest potential, including Direct Instruction, Applied Behavior Analysis, Precision Teaching, and experiential, problem-based learning.


A student’s first years in school are an exciting and dynamic time in their lives. Children are building peer relationships, discovering their interests, and developing literacy skills that will carry with them through life. Our Lower School teachers focus on the individual cognitive and social-emotional needs of each student while they learn about their world through story-based social studies and science curriculum, investigate their community, and grow as readers, writers, and thinkers in small group math and literacy groups. Problem solving and motivation are taught through class activities, outdoor play, and lessons with school counselors and guest speakers. Teachers utilize diagnostic pre-assessments and curriculum-based measurements to gather data on student progress toward learning goals, in order to customize teaching to meet each student’s needs We invite you to learn more about the program and our teachers.


The middle school years are a time of change as students explore their own identity and ways of participating in social groups. Supporting students in becoming independent, reasoning, critical thinkers is a vital part of our program in the middle school. Students are encouraged to explore their interests through a range of elective courses, while still giving students designated time in the school day for skill building around math and literacy. Students are encouraged to explore their feelings and practice positive peer relationships through small groups with counselors, our social-emotional curriculum, and a sense of community in homerooms and class groups. Students access a problem-based and hands-on Science curriculum, study the state, nation, and world in Social Studies, and challenge themselves in Math and Language Arts placements suited to their individual needs.


The Academy for Precision Learning has graduated students to a full range of pursuits in adulthood. Throughout high school, students have access to curriculum to meet their high school and beyond goals. These goals can include working toward community inclusion and engagement through independence, or career and college readiness. Individualized course plans and AP courses are available to students. Students are taught by subject-area specialists and have a range of elective course options available each year.


Each high school student at APL participates in a Student Centered Planning Process to create an individualized High School and Beyond Plan. Each student’s support team of guardians, services providers, and family members help them explore opportunities for a meaningful and engaging life after high school. Families and students are connected with local resources and supported through the transition process from freshman year through the first year beyond APL.


Through individualized educational programs, students have the opportunity to practice the skills they’ve learned in the classroom and apply them to real-world situations in the community like the University Branch Library, YMCA, grocers, coffee shops, and transportation.


APL is a College Board testing site for students requiring academic testing accommodations. The school works closely with families to prepare students to access the tests, accommodation services, and community resources they need to experience success in school and in the transitional period following graduation.

Why Parents Love Us

To see our child happy, and with people that care about her, is worth more than anything and we have found that at APL.

- APL Parent

APL turned my child’s life around: academically, socially, and emotionally. And my life as well: I no longer dread the phone ringing. I know that my kids are in good hands, and that if ever any sort of problem does come up, I’ll be able to work with the school to make things better. What I say matters.

- APL Parent

APL provides us peace of mind for our family in a safe and supporting environment.

- APL Parent

When we started looking for the right school for our child to attend, we toured everywhere and came up dry. We found ourselves wishing there was a school where ABA therapy and academics were wholly combined in the same classroom. THEN we found APL and it felt like it had been created just for us. Dream come true!

- APL Parent

APL has helped our son regain his self-confidence and improve his self-esteem!

- APL Parent

The APL way is to care about your child in the best way possible while laying out a road map for progress developmentally and emotionally.

- APL Parent

The intrinsic blend of ABA with schooling that has taken my child from not sitting at a school desk, balled up in the corner in a novel, in public school to completing her work and even enjoying many of her academic classes. The value put on the unique traits of individuals and the enormous patience of the staff come in at the top as well.

- APL Parent

Limited spots remain available in APL’s K-12 classrooms for the upcoming school year.

If you are interested in attending and have questions, please contact us to begin the admissions process at